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CMS IntelliCAD

CMS IntelliCAD® PREMIUM provides unparalleled compatibility with Autodesk AutoCAD®, using most of the same file formats including those for drawings (.dwg files), commands, linetypes, hatch patterns, and text styles.

Users can also use AutoCAD menu files and run Autodesk® LISP programs. Custom ADS (Autodesk® AutoCAD Development System®) programs can be simply recompiled to link with the IntelliCAD libraries. Many third-party ADS programs already support IntelliCAD. If you have a program that is not already supported, ask your software vendor to provide an IntelliCAD-compatible version of the program.

CMS IntelliCAD® is more compatible with the AutoCAD® program than any other CAD product, delivers additional tools with advanced CAD features, and has a seamless Microsoft® Windows integration. This powerful program provides a superb combination of features for CAD users like architects, engineers, and designers.

CMS IntelliCAD® fully supports AutoCAD legacy drawings. IntelliCAD reads and writes .dwg files in their native format without any loss of data, from the most advanced AutoCAD® *.dwg file version back to version 2.5, including AutoCAD LT®. Because IntelliCAD® uses Autodesk® DWG® format as its native file format, no translation is required.

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New CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 extends 9.0 version

New CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 extends 9.0 version

April 8, 2019 - Burleson, Texas, USA. CAD-MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS, INC. announces the release of new CMS IntelliCAD 9.1 Premium Edition (PE & PE Plus).

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New CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 now supporting BIM

New CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 now supporting BIM

August 10, 2018 - Burleson, Texas, USA. CAD-MANUFACTURING SOLUTIONS, INC. announces the release of new CMS IntelliCAD 9.0 Premium Edition supporting now BIM.

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